When music is more than just a form of entertainment



Today’s article will be about music, which is something that became almost vital for many of us. Music is a form of entertainment before anything else, just like television and its various shows, or anything that is able to entertain us: that is to say we listen to music because it allows us to get rid of boredom (at least a little bit).  But if music has always been a form of entertainment, it also became a part of our everyday lives. I shall now explain what I mean by that.

To begin with, music is before anything a form of art, and so is also a form of expression. Even if now some people would consider a lot of songs to be nothing more than a way to make profit, music was initially a way for people to express themselves, to express their feelings. That was and still is one of the charming points of music. But if music was a way to express our feelings, then music was already more than just a form of entertainment.

Now if music can be used to express our own feelings, it can also be used to express the feelings of other people, which is something that happens a lot in recent songs. As a matter of fact, when writing a song, you may want to target a certain category of people, and so to please them, you will write lyrics that are directly related to them (whether it is about a common feeling they share, a sad event, etc). The fact that the lyrics will be related to them will have an impact on the way they listen to the song. In some cases, you may see some people who listen to the song because they feel like someone finally understand them, some people may share the song with someone they know to show how they feel (in that case, it usually happens because they can’t turn their feelings into words). Not only it will bring closer the band/singer who played the song and the listener, but the song will also become a part of their respective lives (on the one hand, the singer/band will be known to have sing this song and on the other hand, the listener will create a memory with the song).

Another reason why music is more than just a form of entertainment (a sadder one this time) is the fact that music can “bring back the dead to life” for a short moment. What do I mean by that? When you lose someone dear to you, you can never really forget about them (which is something many people try in order to forget their pain) but you manage to deal with the pain of losing that person. However, it becomes harder because of music. Indeed, you might happen to come across a song that will remind you of the lost one,  and that song will not be a form of entertainment anymore, but will instead become a way to remember the deceased.

The last reason I am going to talk about is a more cruel one: Music can stop becoming a form of entertainment when it becomes a need. What can those needs be? Let’s take the example of someone who can’t fit in our society. When that person is in a crowded place and feels insecure, the person will try to find something to get rid of that insecurity: Sometimes, this “something” can be found in music. Indeed, people are able to ignore their environment and to create their own world when they are listening to music. It may not be seen as a problem at first, but creating your own world is simply escaping from reality, which can become a problem later on when you will have to face the harsh and darker side of life.

So music, which is a way to entertain yourself, can be more than that depending on how you are going to use it and for what purpose. But if I have to give you a more personal opinion about music, I would say that it is okay for music to be something other than just a form of entertainment as long as it doesn’t become a “need” for you.


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