The streets: A hidden face~



We use the streets everyday, whether it is to go to school, to go to work, to go shopping, to go to a restaurant, or simply to take a walk. We often don’t really pay any attention to what happens around us when we are walking on the streets, which can be caused by the fact that we only use them to go somewhere. And yet, because of that, we may not notice that the streets are way more than just a link between your “starting point” and your “destination”. That’s what I am going to analyze today.

To begin with, I would like to state that the streets are a place where equality between people truly exists. What kind of equality am I talking about? Well the answer is quite obvious, because it is something that you can simply notice by looking around you: people are all equal because they either do not care about the others, or they are all on the same “level”. What I mean by the fact that people are on the same “level” there can be explained through examples. A boss and his employer do not have exactly the same kind of relationship when they are in the streets and when they are at work. That is because when they are at work, the boss has a complete authority over the employer who does not want to be fired and so always control his behavior and his actions, which can put a lot of stress on his shoulders. In the streets, it’s different because since they are not at work, both can be more relax (the boss do not have to think about his profits and the employer is not worried about making any mistake). Of course, it doesn’t mean that they become vulgar with each other, but they are simply two humans in the same place. Another short example would be between a college student and an adult who’s already working. Even if you can differentiate them as long as they have something to distinguish them, meet them in their casual clothes and they will both just be adults.

Now if the streets are a place where everyone is somewhat equal, they are also a place where many things can happen. Accidents can happen, those accidents can be a car accident, someone suddenly having a hart attack, etc. There can also be events, and even love at first sight. Well, for those who don’t believe in love at first sight, I would rather use the word “crush”. As a matter of fact, places such as schools or restaurants are not the only places where you can get a crush on someone.

The streets are also a place that can be considered as a place used for art. Be aware that I am not talking about an art similar to what Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci could create. I am talking about the drawings kids would leave on the concrete, or if you are in a city, the graffiti on the walls.

To sum up, the streets can be compared to a disk. If you only look at it from the outside, there is not really anything. But if you decide to look at what is inside, then you will find a completely different world.


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