Forgetting the dead…



Something has been in my mind for quite some time now, and its name is “Death”. Death can be quite terrifying or beautiful depending on the person who thinks about it. Many people die every single day around the world, whether it is because of wars, murders or accidents, and yet how many of them do you remember? Today’s article will be about something that awaits every dead people: Being forgotten.

We are humans, we are all mortals. Since we are all mortals, we are all living our lives while waiting for our death to come. Death has been the subject of many questions, questions that are related to what happens after we die and not being able to know that can scare us or let us imagine anything we want. But if that is the natural reaction we get when we talk about Death, what bothers me more concerns the link between the dead person and our world.

We accumulate memories over the years, some good and some bad, and those memories are what construct our entire life. Most of our memories are shared with people we meet during our life on Earth, whether they be enemies, friends, lovers, children, parents or family in general. But what happens to those memories once we die? In my opinion, those memories vanish once we die, and so those memories become useless to us. But do those memories become only useless? The answer is no. What people are the most afraid of when they think about Death is whether they are going to be forgotten or not.

If we take that factor into account, then the memories we create over the years may not be completely useless. The people we shared memories with will indeed remember the deceased because of the memories we created together. Thanks to that, the person who dies will, in a certain, stay in this world in “the heart” of those who cherished them.  But now, there is something that must be known: Nothing can be remembered eternally. If you are a common person, that is to say if you never did anything that was truly remarkable or horrible (something that was out of the ordinary, such as creating a war that changed the face of the world for example), you may not be forgotten right after your death, but once all those who remembered you personally, you will simply start to fade away, your existence will simply disappear.

You certainly think I’m wrong, I would not be surprised if that was to be the case. In our period, if we remember so many people from the past, that is only because we are blocked on the past. We are unable to move on towards an uncertain future, and so we get attached to every single thing that come from the past. But one day, there is going to be a generation who will reject the past, and move towards that future that we are afraid to embrace. And when that is going to happen, the past will simply become a faint memory.

The sad truth is that not wanting to be forgotten is simply trying to escape from the harsh truth. No matter how much you want to be remembered in this world, no matter how much effort you put into making memories to be remembered, the truth is all living beings are destined to be forgotten at some point. No one is eternal, and even super famous actors are going to be forgotten one day.

Life is nothing but a memory of the past, a story of the present and a journey towards the future, represented in the form of a book with each page representing the life of a different living being.


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