We destroy to create, and create to destroy.



We humans are known to be living beings who destroy things around us, as well as creating other things. This is like an endless circle. But it is not as if I was the only one to know that, I am pretty sure everyone knows and understand that, whether it is consciously or unconsciously. And yet, it is what I am going to talk about through my article.


Even if destruction-creation and creation-destruction have the same words, their meanings are different because of the order of the two words. Let’s start with destruction-creation. As I said before, we are known to be living beings who destroy everything. We destroy Nature, we kill animals, humans hurt each other (street fights, wars, brawls) humans kill other humans for various reasons, humans pollute the oceans, and so much more. But if humans can destroy physically everything around them, they can also do a great amount of damage mentally and spiritually. What I mean about that is that humans can be cruel when they want, not hesitating to hurt others when they find some benefits in doing so, when they are in love, when they are hurt themselves because of a sad or even a tragic event. But if humans are capable of destroying things around they can also create, and sometimes (or should I say most of the time) their creations come from destruction.

A man, in order to cook delicious dishes, needs ingredients. Among those ingredients, that man may need some specific meat, and where does that meat come from? Indeed, it comes from an animal that has been killed in order to sell meat. When a man is camping in the forest, he needs to light a fire at night in order to have not only a place to cook food, but also a place to get warm. And yet, in order to get that fire ready, he needs woods. To get those woods, the man will need to cut trees. By destroying trees, we are able to create fire.


Now let’s talk about the second relation between “destruction” and “creation”: creation-destruction.

Humans are closely related to the notion of creation, and more precisely our History is closely related to creation, because our History is related to Evolution. As humankind advanced through time, they started using more and more what was around them to build new things. But what are those creations made for? The answer is simple: They are made to be destroyed or to destroy! Weapons are made to kill people, cars pollute the environment, people throw their trash everywhere, cars and planes provoke accidents, we build buildings and then destroy them to create new ones, we create devices such as mobile phones that won’t be used anymore when we will be able to create better ones, etc. This creation-destruction relation can be partly explained by the fact that we are constantly trying to find something new to create. This constant wish for something better will always lead us to destroy what we already created in order to welcome anything coming from the “new world”.


We destroy to create, and create to destroy. But in this endless circle, a question keeps bothering me: What will happen if we ever break that circle?


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