Create your own art, don’t destroy the others’

A drawing I saw on a table in class.

A drawing I saw on a table in class.

Drawing became a common thing to do nowadays. People draw to express their feelings, the thoughts they can’t express in any other way, and their imagination. Even if they believe their work is beautiful, not everyone agrees.


Drawing for yourself

Abstract. Detailed. You draw in your own way what you have in mind. Meaningless. Meaningful. You draw because you want to draw, not always because you want to express something.

You draw for yourself first before drawing for anyone else. Pretty. You feel proud of your drawing. Embarrassing. You laugh at it.


Drawing for others

The problem with drawing is that it’s not invisible. Even if you draw for yourself, people around you will see your work at some point. And we are all aware of that. “What do they think about it?”, “what will they think about me?”, “I don’t care about what they think?”. Those are the thoughts passing through your mind when someone witnesses your art, and it leads to a change in your perception of drawing.

Your drawing, which originally became the result of your own thoughts, becomes the work of several people. How? Because you start taking into considerations their opinion about your drawing. It will push you to draw or not to draw certain details (“they won’t like this hairstyle”, “don’t draw shocking elements because of kids”)


Your work is still your work, not theirs

 People may influence your way of drawing because of their opinion, but what you are drawing is still what you are drawing. Try to please everyone and no one will be happy. Everyone (or at least all those who draw from time to time) come to that conclusion. And so we come back to the first stage: Drawing for yourself.


This is the good way of thinking, but it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the others completely. Their opinion can still help you improve your drawing skills.


Draw what you like, not where you like 

You can draw whatever you feel like drawing, but you can’t draw wherever you want. Back to what I said before, drawing for yourself doesn’t mean you have to ignore the others completely. Buildings. Benches. Bridges. Those are not drawings, but they are still a form of art.

Drawing on the wall of a building is being disrespectful towards those who worked hard to build it. Drawing on a bench destroys its original beauty. You may think your drawing makes the building or the bench more pretty, but the others may think the opposite.

You wouldn’t like someone to draw something over your own drawing, would you?




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  1. I agree with this blog post! People tend to hold up their drawings and ask other people “does this look okay?”, instead of deciding for themselves whether their art is good or not. I think that this mindset is hurtful, and agree that people should look to themselves before they look to others on opinions of their artwork.

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