What I like about Journalism


I like journalism. I love journalism. The job of a journalist is to share the truth,  to deliver what people cannot get by themselves. A journalist is a link between an individual and the rest of the world, a candle to move throughout the darkness of the unknown.

Journalists are here to give a piece of information. Regardless of how it is delivered, sharing pieces of information comes first.

However, giving a list of all data from every aspect of the event/subject in a single article is tasteless – as well as impossible.  What’s more, nobody would enjoy reading a lot of pieces of information piled up one after another. You need to make something attractive to keep the reader’s attention.

As a result of this, journalists have their own ways to accomplish it: dramatizing an event, focusing one one aspect rather than another one, playing with emotions, omitting some details, etc. This is where journalists show their skills. To make a good article is to make it short. Make it short but make it interesting. Make it interesting and make it worth spending time on it. What’s important and what is not? Who? What? Why? When? Where? (How?).

Another aspect that I would like to highlight is the hardship of journalism.

Being a journalist is like playing on a battlefield. Be skilled and you will stay. Be inefficient and you may be in the next article instead of writing it. (“Get out!”) When you are a journalist, selfishness will be your greatest friend if you want to keep your job. “The Law of the Strongest”. It may be a demotivating factor, but I consider it as being an excellent characteristic of Journalism. Being chosen for your skills rather than your diploma will always give you more satisfaction.

Apart from that aspect, journalism is a dangerous path, especially for those who travel in dangerous parts of the world to catch the “golden dish”. Journalists must face an uncertain future, where Death may swing her scythe at any time and bring their souls to the “other side”.


Deadlines are part of the job.

 If the presence of Death is not enough to put a great amount of stress, journalists also have to face deadlines. Being late is not tolerated, and you must deliver the news as if you were delivering a pizza. The more the client waits, the more frustrated they will get. The more they wait, the less they become interested. (Journalists are nothing without the people who want their news).

Now if news have to be delivered quickly, they can change at any moment. This is like eating royally in a restaurant in India. As soon as you taste a dish, another one comes right after and surprises you even more. That’s the same for news, they always manage to surprise you so never think you can take something for granted. Being overwhelmed by a huge amount of new data is simply a pleasure that not many can understand.

There is just so much I could say about journalism from the point of view of someone who wants to work in that field, but I would lead some people to believe that my opinion may be biased. What can I do? A future journalist is still a journalist.


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