The Fear of Blindness


Isn’t it frustrating when such a beautiful landscape is blurred? So imagine what it would feel like if you were blind.


Becoming blind is one of my biggest fear, and I believe many of you are in the same case.

Imagine: you wake up one day, but it’s still dark. Because your alarm clock already rang, you wonder why the darkness doesn’t leave. You then notice that your eyes are open, but they do not “capture” anything — those eyes became unable to enlighten your world. You start crying, but you know it won’t change anything and it makes everything worse.

We live in a world where a lot of bad and ugly things happen; We live in a world where we have to witness what is happening around us, even if we don’t like it. Now because we see  what’s bad, we can also see what is good — a goodness that helps us moving forward and fight evilness.

If we lose our sight, we lose the possibility to see that “goodness”. Now you may think that we also don’t have to witness evilness anymore, but you are wrong. You still have your four other senses so you still hear what is going wrong in the world, but now you cannot see anything to cheer you up.

Say goodbye to the beautiful sunsets, the beautiful landscapes, the numerous cakes beautifully baked, the various dishes from all over the world. Forget about travelling around the world, meeting new people, watching funny videos on the Internet, watching TV, reading your favorite book, going for a walk with your dog… All those little pleasures will simply vanish.

Now it doesn’t mean that the world will end if you lose your sight — such an opinion would be wrong. What it means is that in exchange of losing your sight, you will have to use to your remaining four senses in order to enjoy life fully.

Blindness is not all that bad —  to be honest, it even teaches an important lesson in life: Do not be materialistic, and do not judge things or people based on their looks. Being blind pushes you takes away that bad habit many of us have, and allows you to experience things that you would certainly have never tried if you were able to see them.

Not everything is negative, do not forget about the positive points. 



  1. Hullo there!
    I believe that losing sight is a common fear among people able to see. However, if you’re not able to see what’s good to cheer you up, as you pointed out right, you may develop a wonderful ear for great music. A precise nose to smell ocean and baby scent and chocolate. A taste to recognize the finest ingredients in a ratatouille. You may recognize with the faintest touch the special kind of skin of the one you love. Feel the beautiful sunsets on your skin, rather than just seeing them.
    You can still meet people, read books and other things. And enjoy the laugh of people enjoying the funny videos on the Internets.
    Blindness is not the end.


  2. Not everything is negative, do not forget about the positive points.

    I love the way you close this post. I fear many things but being blind is not one until I read this and realize that everything is possible for every one. Maybe one of the first thing we have to learn is blogging with a close eye.


    1. Thanks! I wanted to end my post with a positive thought, because I know a lot of people – at least the ones I know – may only see what’s in front of their eyes (sorry for the pun) instead of looking at every aspect.

      And life is full of surprise and things to learn, we just have to deal with it the best we can.

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  3. Wow this post made me think. Fear of being blind isn’t something I think about often, but losing many of the simple pleasures in my life would be difficult to adjust to, should something happen. Very thought provoking and I hope to read more of your posts over the coming weeks, keep it up!


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