Three important songs: On the path of evolution


The three most important songs in my life have to be Flowers for a ghost by Thriving Ivory, Shattered by Trading Yesterday and Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis.

The main reason why they are the most important in my life is because I have been through a lot in my life, and those songs were able to cheer me up and even more, to help me improve myself, when I was about to give up on myself.

Flowers for a ghost is certainly the most important among the three of them — as well as the one I listen to most of the time. The song is quite sad, and can even be considered as depressing — which is what attracted me at first. The song is split into two parts: the first part is a sort of monologue where the singer expresses himself, while the second part (my favorite) is the emotional part where sentences are reduced to four powerful words — I am only human.

What I love about the second part is that there was no need to use long and exaggerated sentences to be catching and heartbreaking. I am only human are the four words that had the biggest impact in my life. To be honest, I love to watch the news around the world, but it hurts me when I see how much pain and sadness people spread around them.

It came to the point where I started to want to change things, to make of the world a better place for everyone, where people would not have to hurt each other any longer, where wars would be reduced to nothing and where conflicts would be solved through talking around a big table (which is something that is already done in our era but often ends with more conflicts leading to wars).

But I know I can’t do it by myself, and it makes me sad. However, when I hear the beautiful and powerful I am only human, it makes me realize that I may only be human, but humans are born to improve, to evolve!

Humans have been trying to improve themselves throughout the centuries — through education and technology — but they still have a long way to go before truly evolving. What about me? I decided to try and take the first step, to evolve in order to be able to change the world. I sure took the long and hardest path, but the reward at the end is worth the try.

The second most important song to me is Shattered. The lyrics of this song are simply wonderful and the melody is delightful. This song is also split into two parts — yes, it seems like I love songs with two parts — where the first part is rather calm while the second part is more dynamic. And just like for Flowers for a Ghost — it must be a sign I tell you — my favorite part is the second one (listen to the second video to have the second part, because its lyrics are missing in the first video).

I may only be 19, but I have been through a lot during my childhood. When your parents work a lot and don’t spend much time together, you can feel something will happen — even a child can be aware of that. My fears were confirmed when my father started cheating on my mother with many women, but I was too young to understand that concept. They ended up getting separated… and divorced afterwards.

What they didn’t think about, when all those things happened, was that I existed. Seeing those things hurt me a lot, and since I was a child I cried who knows how many times. Add this to a lot of others problems — having to leave my friends over and over again after moving from one place to another, as well as not fitting anywhere — and you have as a result an identity crisis. More than once did I try to find who I was and failed miserably, to the point where I wondered why I was alive. And one day, I found the song while listening to music on Youtube.

I liked the first part and wanted to follow it until the end (was it by curiosity?), but when I heard the second part, it was what you call ‘love at first sight’. I could relate to it so much that it ended up making me stronger. Not being able to fit anywhere made me realize something: if I can’t fit anywhere, that simply means I have to create my own personality, without following the steps of anyone, without having a model to follow. Goodbye common people. Goodbye routine.

The last most important song in my life is Stop Crying Your Heart Out. I admit I found this song through The Butterfly effect — a wonderful movie about time travel that you should watch by the way — but that’s not the reason why I ended up liking the song (even though they used it perfectly). This song is one of the rare ones I expect a lot of people to have in their song list, especially those who have given up on life, as well as depressed and suicidal people. The song may be sad — it SOUNDS sad — but the lyrics are great to cheer up people and give them some hope in a world where we all need it.

The song teaches you that no matter how hard life can be, no matter how many obstacles you have to face and no matter how many times you fall, stay strong and ‘get up’ as many times as you have to. Never give up. As I said before, I have been through a lot when I was a child — so many that I can’t enumerate all of them — but I never gave up and always got back on my feet after falling.

Now it doesn’t mean that you have to handle hardship by yourself — you know there will be a moment where you will break down; we all have limits. But being strong doesn’t always mean ‘being strong by yourself’. When you feel like you cannot face hardship by yourself, ask for help. What you cannot do by yourself, do it with others. I personally have a wonderful person who helps me going through hard times and I will always help her when she can’t face her own obstacles.

I think I said too much, so I will leave you with this comment: Now matter what kind of music you like, what matters is that it makes you happy.



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