Farewell, my dear friend~ [Part One]



“Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.”

Today’s assignment given in the Writing101 course made it easy for me to find what I was going to talk about. Something that had a great impact on me was the death of the only dog I have ever had in my life. Her name was Prunelle — it’s a French noun in case you didn’t know, in English, it would be known as Prunus Spinosa/blackthorn (less melodious, don’t you think?). Let me tell you her story.

When I was child, I used to feel quite lonely (I know, that’s sad for a child) even though I had a lot of friends. It may have been because I have always been a lonely child, and I was disappointed to not have any brother or sister, while all my friends had siblings.

I think my parents were aware of that, or I must have annoyed them with that — I’m not quite sure to be honest, some of my memories as a child are quite blurred, yet you know children have a bad habit of saying out loud what they have in mind —  but when I was around 7, my father brought back a puppy. a Dalmatian to be more precise.

She was so adorable I couldn’t help but adopt her in my life immediately: she was like the little sister I would never have. My father told me her previous owners were about to abandon her in a box when he saw them, and decided to take the her away from Death — who would not have to snatch away her life that early.

I have to admit, I spent a lot of time with my dog. I used to take her on a walk around the house — which she really enjoyed — and I would be sure to give her healthy food, even though it was hard not to spoil her. She was obedient like most of the other dogs in the neighbourhood, except the fact that I trained her by myself, while the other dogs usually had training from a professional. It made me proud of her.

Years after, when I was around 12, Prunelle found love. As I was walking home from school, I decided to take an unusual path — the one I usually took was blocked by workers trying to fix cracks that appeared on the road not too long ago. There, I saw a dog waiting on the sidewalk. He looked quite sad to be honest, so I went to ask people who were working around if he was waiting for his owner. A woman working in a store on the opposite side of the street told me his owner abandoned him there because he was apparently getting tired of him. She gave him food from time to time, but I could feel she was starting to get tired of doing so.

I went back to the dog, and took a sandwich out of my bag. He swung his tail almost immediately at the sight of it, and devoured it. I didn’t know if I could take the dog with me, but didn’t need to think too long about it. When I went back home, I heard joyful steps behind me, and when I took a look, I saw the same dog that I left a bit ago. It looked like he adopted me as his new owner, so I asked my parents if I could keep him. They said I was allowed to if I took care of him. I decided to accept the responsibility. I gave him the name Pluto (sorry for the lack of imagination I suffered from during my childhood) and led him to the backyard, where Prunelle was sleeping.

Pluto went to wake her up and she was annoyed at first. It has to be noted that their relationship did not begin well. On one hand, you had Pluto who was very energetic and always playful around Prunelle, and on the other hand you had Prunelle who was sort of an “introverted”, quite reluctant to play with him — or was she just shy?

However, Pluto never gave up and his efforts were rewarded in the end: a few months later, Prunelle became as energetic and playful around him as he was around her, and later, they had their own babies. Unfortunately, we had to give away the babies because we couldn’t keep any of them. Fortunately, my mother had a lot of friends who wanted a dog, so we managed to give all of the puppies once they were able to get separated from their mother.

I had some tears in my eyes at that point. Prunelle went from a small puppy to a mother; she went from a puppy that was abandoned to a beautiful Dalmatian living in a comfortable house.

And then the drama happened: my parents got separated and I went to live with my mother, leaving Prunelle and Pluto with my father…



  1. I had a dalmatian too he was great but hated the baby, He ‘d shake all the stuffing out of the toys. I pulled a casette tape out of his but once, a lot of it. I tried to give the baby away, with his leash of course. Some people came to look at him, but they said they’d rather have the dog. life has disappoinments.

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