The Park


Today, I went to buy a baguette in a bakery and decided to take a walk in the park in front of it afterwards.

The sun was strong that day, and the heat hit my face like a hammer would. Because I was wearing a jacket, my body soon turned into a burning oven and it felt like I was a piece of meat getting cooked for the growling stomach of a hungry person. A sweat drop was falling down the side of my face, born from the heat of a merciless sun. Nevertheless, I decided stay for a bit in the park.

It was quiet, with almost no one to disturb the peace that I cherished. The bench on which I sat was a bit rough and dirtied by the drawings of bored and exhausted teenagers. I took a look around and saw a man with his dog. The dog was running around freely, letting the wind caress its hair and play with its ears. It came back to the owner from time to time, to let him pet its soft head, before going back on its wild wild adventure, going through a concrete ground — leaving the sound of claws scratching it — and the grass — from which I could hear a sweet and pleasant melody every time the dog pawed it —.

Not too long after, the owner called his dog and both made their way back home. It made me realize that it was almost midday, so I decided to head back home as well and enjoy a copious dish with the baguette I bought.



  1. Hey

    I the details on surrounding description!

    I hope to be able to improve my writings ability on that part too one day.

    Hello from Bali.


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