Eurovision 2015: Sweden wins!

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2015 is… Sweden!


For those who don’t know what the Eurovision Song Contest is, I would sum it up as being a contest where members/countries invited submit a song that will be performed on live tv and radio, before voting for other countries to determine the best/most popular song in the contest. What’s more, the contest is broadcast every year.

A friend told me about the Eurovision contest for several days, but the idea of watching it didn’t cross my mind even once. I admit forgetting about it until I went on Youtube and saw that I could watch the live. I am not particularly interested in music but since it seemed to pick the interest of many people, I decided to give it a try.

I was quite surprised by what I saw.

Imagine being transported in a world shaped by music, a world that changes its colours depending on the song you would sing. That’ s what the Eurovision contest made me feel like. Each country sang their song one after another, turning the scene into an empty world that would be shaped by their performance — different use of colours, different special effects, different use of effects.

However, if the scene in itself was a piece of art, what truly made the difference was the song each country chose. All the singers were pretty good, but some of them were astonishing. Not only did they have a powerful voice, but they could reach the heart of the audience and fill it with a wave of feelings — both sad and happy.

At the end of the 27 songs displayed during the contest, the votes took place. Even if Russia, Italy and Sweden were fighting for the first place, Sweden ended up grabbing the victory proudly — they were declared winner before the votes were over.

On the other hand, we had countries who didn’t get many votes, or didn’t get any vote at all. But does that mean they should be disappointed? No. Being able to perform in the Eurovision contest is already an accomplishment in itself. Going to the Grand Final is an even greater accomplishment. Being on the stage in front of 40 countries is an accomplishment in itself. Representing your country is an accomplishment in itself.

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is the first Eurovision contest I watched, but I will definitely watch the next one in 2016, hoping to come back into this wonderful world shaped by singers: the world of music.


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