The need to speak up


After taking a look at some of the blogs I follow, I came across an interesting post made by TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). The post was about a website called StoryCorps, a place where you can interview and record the story of other people.

Some go as far as taking what TED defined as an audio selfie. An audio selfie consists of interviewing oneself to share a personal story.

As a result of that, I went to take a look at StoryCorps and found some quite interesting stories — a father telling his daughter how much he would work for her education, or a woman saying how she had to announce the death of a young teenager to his mother.

According to TED, some of the stories they receive are quite personal — which made me wonder: Why are people willing to give away such pieces of information about their lives? 

The answer is simple: people are willing to share the story of their respective lives because they wish to be understood.

One of the main wishes of mankind is to be understood by our family, our friends, and our neighbours. Unfortunately, our current society, our actions, as well as our own life in general are based on a succession of misunderstandings. The reason for that is simple: humans are unable to state clearly what they have in mind; to express their feelings truly.

Another reason causing misunderstandings is the fact that we emphasize our differences. Instead of trying to look at our common points, we look at our differences. More than that, people are encouraged to be different.

Be aware, I’m not saying that being different is a bad thing and should be avoided. But we are being different in the wrong way. Being different should not be a way to separate ourselves from others. Being different should be a way for us to help each other when we don’t have the required strength to do something. Being different should bring us closer instead of tearing us apart.

And one of the ways to bring us closer is to speak up.


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