5 reasons why Chess is my favorite game!


Chess, or “The Game of Kings” as I like to call it, is certainly my favorite game. I do not own a real chessboard, but it did not prevent me from playing this amazing game (I have been playing for more than a year on the Internet). In today’s article, I am going to give 5 reasons why Chess became my favorite game.

1. There is no place for luck in Chess. In my opinion, Chess is a game where luck does not exist. Well, some people would think that when their opponent is making a bad move after they made a bad move themselves, they were lucky. However, it is not the case. Such cases should not be considered as luck, but simply as a mistake made by the opponent. There is a quote from my favorite book entitled The Art of War by Sun Tzu that describes perfectly what I am trying to mean by that:

“Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated”


2. Chess helps you learning to be more patient. If there is something I was able to develop thanks to chess, that is patience. Indeed, I used to be very impatient and would often get frustrated when the opponent took their time to make their move. And as a result of this, I made a lot of mistakes (and a lot of them were stupid mistakes) because of that impatience. And so I learned how to be patient in order to make the best move during each turn, or at least to make good moves, and to avoid making stupid  mistakes that could lead to my loss.

3. Chess is a good way to train your poker face and to stay  calm. Other than poker (which is, in my opinion, the first game you have in mind when you are talking about poker face), chess is a good game to train your poker face. Not being able to hide the expression on your face can be bad when you are playing face to face against your opponent. (it is way easier when you play online because you do not see your opponent so they cannot read the expression on your face). And when you learn to keep a poker face, you also learn to stay calm and to control your feelings. If you are unable to control your feelings, the probability of you losing the game increases because you may end up making mistakes you would not have done if you were calm. What’s more, not being able to control your emotions is usually what makes you unable to keep a poker face during the game. So if you are not able to control your feelings, your opponent is definitely going to take advantage of it.

4. Chess is an art. Chess may not be an art like painting or drawing, or even literature, but it is still a form of art. How can this art be described? Well in my opinion, it is a little bit to describe, it is something you have to live by yourself to truly understand it. However, if I was to try to describe it, I would say that art can be seen by the way you play, by the strategies and tactics you create and use, by the way you move your pieces, by the way you use them, and so much more!

5. Chess is a good way to entertain yourself and to keep your brain in shape. Chess is a good entertainment that keeps your brain in good shape. There are so many things to learn, so many books to read, so many games to analyze, you won’t have time to get bored! But even if the “learning part” sounds boring and bothersome, do not forget that there is also the “fun part”, which is when you play against people and use your knowledge to grab victory! Chess sure is a game where you have to use your grey cells, and yet it still is a game where you can have a lot of fun.


The only thing I have to say to those reading this article who play chess or want to play chess is: Have fun!