I ate a bowl of Ramen today

A delicious bowl of ramen will cheer you up.

A delicious bowl of ramen will cheer you up.


Today, I decided to eat something different from my usual sandwich, filled with slices of ham and butter. While walking on the streets with an aching stomach full of desires, I came across a small restaurant. It didn’t look attractive from the outside, but it looked different on the inside.

It looked like a typical ramen restaurant from Japan. The place was not very spacious, but it didn’t prevent me from feeling comfortable. The server welcomed me with a smile, and led me to a table in a calm corner.

After looking at the various kinds of ramen I could choose, I decided to go with the tonkotsu ramen with extra pork.

After a few minutes of waiting, the server came back with a big red bowl. And oh dear, I was positively surprised. It looked just like the bowls of ramen I could see in a manga or an anime: The noodles hidden under the slices of pork, the egg, the vegetables and the Naruto. The smell emanating from the bowl was exquisite; it teased my appetite gently.

I took my chopsticks and separated them, then immediately proceeded to taste the food. I started by trying the broth with a spoon and the first taste was enough to let me experience what it would feel like to be in heaven; the warm and delectable broth left a rainbow of happiness on my tongue.

The next step was to eat, and I was ravenous at that point. I impatiently pulled a small amount of noodle and brought them to my mouth. I tried to slurp them but ended up failing miserably— slurping noodles is harder than you think when you are a beginner — and yet I could still enjoy them. The pork, the vegetables, the egg and even the Naruto were appetizing as well as nourishing.

When there was nothing left other than the broth, the biggest challenge came up: Drinking all of it. It was still warm, a little bit salty and yet easy to swallow.

When the bowl was finally empty, I was full and satisfied.

If you don’t know what to eat, then a recommend you to savour a bowl of ramen. Simple and yet nourishing, you will eat your fill.