After the storm, there’s always a rainbow~


I decided to write this article after talking with a friend about a sensitive subject, which is bullying. Of course, neither I nor my friend is a victim of bullying, but we watched a video (quite a sad one) about bullying and decided to talk about it. But this article is not focused on bullying, but on a more general subject (where bullying can be considered a sub-subject): Hardship and suffering.

We all experience hardship and suffering during our lives, but I want to talk about people who suffer more than the “normal limit”. Who are those people? Well they can be people who are victims of bullying, they can be people who lost someone who was dear to them, they can be children who experienced a traumatic event in the past such as the divorce of their parents for example, they can be people who lose everything and end up in the streets, they can be depressed people or even suicidal people.

Even though I mentioned a lot of categories of people who suffer more than the “normal limit”, most of them can be considered as subcategories (or even reasons) for two main categories: Depressed people and suicidal people. Be careful, some people will consider depressed people and suicidal people as being the same, but they are different and it would be a great mistake to group them together (especially if you are trying to help them because the actions you might use for a group might not be effective for the other).

Someone can fall into depression for many reasons but they usually have one thought in common: they think that nothing can take them out of depression. (this statement is based on many cases I’ve seen so far, so this statement is made from a subjective point of view, and not an objective one.) Being suicidal is worse than being depressed. There is a strong reason why being suicidal is worse than being depressed: Someone who is depressed still has the slight hope to be able to become happy one day (even though they still think nothing can take them out of it) and so have a wish to live a better life later on. On the other hand, when someone becomes suicidal, that slight hope disappears and the wish to live a better life later on turns into a wish to die and be finally freed from a life that could be compared to a horrible torture.

If I gave you the difference between a person victim of depression and a suicidal person, that is because I want you to know how to help them if you were to meet someone like that someday. (Yes, this article is here to give you a way to help them.)

When you see a depressed person, do not try to help them right away, because they won’t let you do so. You first have to get close to them, and let them open themselves to you. You need to gain their trust, but you also need to know what provoked their depression from their own mouth. When it happens, you will finally be able to help them.


When you see a suicidal person, the situation will be completely different. There will be two types of case that will usually make you realize that someone is suicidal: either the person failed to kill themselves, or the person is about to try to kill themselves.

Let’s talk first about the case in which a person failed to kill themselves. They tried to escape from a harsh life and yet they were not able to. They will certainly feel like prisonners. In my opinion, putting them into psychiatric hospital and giving them medicines all the time will not help them. In fact, I would even say that doing so would just “erase” their life, and they would become almost lifeless bodies, or as people would call it “zombies”. No, what we should do instead is to discover what pushed them to try to commit suicide. When you discover the reason, take that person with you and show them that life may be harsh, but it can also be beautiful. Show them that we are not prisonners of sadness and that we can find happiness if we never give up to seek it. Give them the strength they need to bring back that wish of living a better life later on. Choose carefully the words you are going to use and when you are going to use them, because a bad step could destroy your efforts to help them. Words are however usually useless if you were able to show them a beautiful side of life.

Let’s talk about a more difficult case, a case in which you witness someone who is trying to kill themselves. You might sometimes come across them in some places that are used to commit suicide, such as the Golden Gate Bridge. Here, using words can be useful or useless depending on the situation. You can try to change their mind, but it would be extremely difficult because they already decided to kill themselves. Do not talk too much unless you are confident it would change the situation. However, it does not mean that you should not talk to the suicidal person. In fact, in those situations, talking to them is the best way to delay their “final act” and to give you enough time to find a way to save them. But you have to be quick, because they will not wait forever. Remember that you are not an expert in this matter, so choosing the quickest way (but not always the best way) might be good enough to save someone.

Too many people give up on their lives because life has been a curse for them, with death being the only way to escape it. We only live once, so we should help them and turn their life into a gift they would cherish and love.

And if you are depressed or even think about suicide, please remember that there is always a rainbow after the storm.


Is it possible to bring world peace?



“If everyone wanted peace as much as they want a new iPhone, then there would be peace.”
― Shira Tamir


I came accross this quote when I was on the website goodreads and I must admit it made me laugh, because this quote is quite an interesting one.  This person combined several problems in order to suggest a solution to another problem: A way to get World Peace.

I will first explain quickly in my own way what that quote means. Today’s society is quite a materialistic one. On the one hand, we have those who produce in mass to sell as much as possible afterwards, and on the other hands, we have the consumers who buy what they want (not always for primary needs). I see quite often (and some of you must certainly see it as well) people who talk about buying the new Iphone, or a new smartphone, a new tablet or even a new computer, even though their old device is still working.  What’s more, they talk about buying a new one as if it was nothing, as if it was cheap. I do not know about the others, but when I see something like that, I always think: “If you have enough money to buy a new [enter the name of the device here] even though the one you currently have is still working, then you have enough money to do something better with it.”

Now, that “something better” refers to many things, but as an exemple to illustrate this expression,  I would take the case of the homeless in the streets.

What would be a natural reaction when a homeless asks you for money? I would say that the most natural thing people would do (even though it is quite a sad one) is to ignore the homeless asking for money, or to simply lie and say that they don’t have/carry any money. And notice that I used the word would instead of the word will. And there is a reason for that. That is because not everyone will have the same natural reaction to such a situation. As a matter of fact, some people would find it more natural to think that it is better to help a homeless instead of ignoring or lying to them. Now let’s come back to those who would rather ignore or lie to those homeless people. Among them, you will find people who won’t give even a single coin to them and yet will talk about buying a new device as if it was nothing, and yet still have their current device working. And that’s one of the situation where I would say “If you have enough money to buy a new device even though the one you currently have is still working, then you have enough money to help a homeless who only asks for a coin. It is not as if that person is asking you to give him a house to live in.”

In my opinion, the problem can usually be seen into two forms: Either people think that if they give money, the one receiving the money is going to make a bad use of it, or they think that while they are working hard to earn money (sometimes just enough to live a decent life), those homeless people try to get money while doing nothing. But I have my own little solution concerning this matter: If everyone would give a coin to every homeless they see, not only they would lose almost nothing, but the homeless would be able to get out of a terrible situation.

Now some of you would certainly say that if the homeless start to get a lot of money from people, more and more people will fake bein homeless just to get more money. I already anticipated this sort of situation, but I will keep it for another article, because this is not the subject of this article. (Remember that I was just giving an example here)

 So is it possible to bring World Peace? My answer will be yes. And there is a simple reason behind my answer: I want to believe that World Peace is possible, and I want to believe in mankind and in their ability to create a better future. If we do not even believe in ourselves, how could we even start to hope for something such as World Peace anyway?

Then how can we bring World Peace? There are many ways to bring World Peace, and the interesting quote I found on Goodreads gives some ways of doing so in itself. Do not be too selfish, because selfishness is one of the main reasons why people keep a certain distance from each other. Love everyone as if they were members of your own family, because there can be no peace if there is no love. Help people in need, and become an example to follow for the others. Another important point (and difficult to obtain) to bring peace is to have mutual trust. When there is no trust, there is no peace. Did you notice that I used the world peace  instead of World Peace. That is because you cannot achieve World Peace by yourself, nor can I, nor can anyone. Everyone has to work together in order to bring peace, and by working together and bringing each little piece of peace, we will be able to create World Peace.