The question of equality


The question of equality has been a recurrent problem throughout the ages.

I remember talking to a friend about the notion of equality. We were watching the news on the Internet when we came across another manifestations in the streets of Paris, as well as one in Montreal. My friend found it normal for people to protest in the streets, but I just found it irritating. My irritation confused my friend, so he asked me to give him an explanation. Because words could hardly come out of my mouth at first, he told me that it was useless to get irritated over something like that because people had the right to manifest since they are equal. I could not agree with those words.

Equality is something that mankind has been trying to reach over the years — and still do. However I do not think equality is possible.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that I am against equality; I came to the conclusion that equality is not possible in our society. We want equality but we are the ones to prevent ourselves from obtaining it. In my opinion, equality is simply a dream. Our society is based on a hierarchy — jobs and education are good examples.

Universities have different courses, and each course leads to a different job. People studying medicine are usually seen as more intelligent than those who study art. I am myself in a university focused on art and literature, and we are seen as lazy people who smoke weed and spend time sitting on the grass and talking instead of working — unfortunately the last bit is true.

When you get a job, you notice that equality is a mere word. You are not paid the same as your superior. You are not paid the same amount as someone who has been promoted last week. You do not treat your boss the same way you would treat a colleague (you don’t want to get fired, right?).

The same goes for society in general. You don’t treat a child like you would treat an adult. You don’t treat a stranger like you would treat your sibling. You do not treat a criminal like you would treat a respectable citizen.

As sad as it sounds, society is maintained by inequality. Being equal is affirming that we are all the same. Are we all the same? No. We do not have the same desires, the same wishes, the same thoughts, the same way of life, the same abilities, the same face, the same intelligence. We accept those differences; We accept to be unequal.  Those with a greater intelligence must be at the top to lead the others, to ensure the safety of their homeland. They prevent society from going out of control; they make the concrete changes in the world.

That’s why I’m irritated when I see people annoying the others in the streets. Instead of voicing their opinion, they should make all the necessary efforts to realize their goals and their wish. To me, manifestation is the easy and less exhausting way of changing things. That’s nothing to be proud about. My friend, after listening to me, understood my point of view and respected it, even though he did not want to agree with me.

He decided to stay positive while I decided to become realistic.